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How to avoid others influencing your dreams

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If what we want to accomplish is way beyond what others consider average or unattainable, then we can avoid their influence by:

First giving the idea thought before interacting with them.

Most people insist of being realistic while I say reality is what is known already, but creativity and growth is unknown until achieved.

If we allow what others think to interfere with what we would like to achieve then it cannot happen. What happens is what we believe can happen in our minds. We are always right whatever we believe.

Sometimes I call dream killers vampires because they take from you the little encouragement, the little energy you have left to achieve your dreams. This can go as far as just having to share a room with a negatively charged mind. Or meeting someone along the street who may spoil your day. Again letting them do it is what makes them powerful. Never give power to them otherwise we may end up like them or worse.

Even in a relationship you may be with a negative person who always causes chaos and destruction in the name of love. what I would say about these kind of people is that they have issues within themselves that they are yet to settle and they haven’t actually figured out how.

Dreams for a start may not make sense and always seem impossible until realized. So dare to dream big.

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