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Know Your Customer- Going straight to the point a bad idea.

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I know the pressure is high and you really want to meet that target, your boss is on your neck and I know you only focus on doing your job and nothing else. Closing that sale. But wait a minute? Have you ever asked your self how many potential customers really need what you are selling? Well to put it the right way, most of the times you need to create a need or at least make people feel they need your product and hence lead them to taking action. So how much do you know about you potential customer?

Rule of the jungle

When a lion goes out to hunt, it does not care how fast it can run. Neither does it care about outdoing the fastest antelope. Well in our marketing case, the fastest antelope could be the customer with buying capacity, the one who can really afford your product or service but is just out of reach (running faster than you can), while the weaker antelope is the one you need to convince to buy your product, they are reachable, but you need an approach. The lion will only think of chasing after the weakest antelope, saving time and energy. But how about the antelope?

When the antelope gets up in the morning its aim is not to run away from the lion but rather to run faster than the weakest antelope. Customers too have a survival mechanism where they only invest in what they feel they really need the most.

What would you like to eat sir?

If you were a customer at a restaurant and you have been served and already eating your meal, how would you feel if a waiter shows up on your table and asks you what you’d like to eat? Of course in your mind you’d be asking “Cant you see I am eating already ?

This just shows that the waiter has no interest in knowing or knows very little about the customer. However if the waiter shows up and asks, “Is there anything else I can serve you sir?” This will indicate that the waiter already knows the status of the customer and has already done research on the customer’s background.

Managing Customers

Lets talk a bit about selling insurance. As a policy holder in an insurance firm, I would expect a marketer approaching me from the same insurance company to know that he or she is approaching an existing customer. Why? because marketers should have access to their customer database and plan well. Have a list of both existing and non existing customers. Know what the customers already have and what not to sell and what to sell to them. If this is not possible to get from your Insurance company, then it is your problem and that is why there is a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system which all sales and marketing individuals should have access to. This also helps alleviate embarrassments where two or more staff members contact the same potential customer trying to sell them the same products from the same company.

Getting straight to the point is a bad idea.

People say “go straight to the point and don’t waste my time” I say to them doing just that is a bad idea in selling. This may have worked in the past where people call a spade a spade, but today with the social media and internet people want more than just a burger “do you want fries with that?”. When someone asks you to get straight to the point, be sure that’s exactly what they don’t want to hear from you. So be wise when answering this one.

With the internet and social media, it is very easy to find out a bit more about your potential contact whether an existing customer or a potential one. It is also good to create a rapport first instead of going straight to the point. Maybe make friends, meet for a drink, create interest in their business or what they do. Find their pain points and only then, you can make a suggestion of what they could purchase to solve their problem.
It is always a good idea to look up your potential contact online before attempting to contact him or her.

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