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The internet is a library where you can go in and come out with information and in the process, you also leave some information about you and your visit, which creates another piece of retrievable information and hence the infinite growth of the internet. This is like meeting someone at random and talking to them. In order to have an effective communication, you only gain as much information as you give.   The creation process of the internet is so versatile that technology used to maintain the steady growth of information data is rapidly changing. We have technologies such as server elasticity that helps contain data and only execute that data that is in demand for a specific time. Given all the technologies in place, the rate of data growth and storage shrinkage is alarming, hence the need to constantly update, upgrade, migrate and maintain infrastructure   Data loss is a thing of the past. A lecturer once asked during one of his lectures, “When you delete something from your computer, where does it go?”. When we are online, however, we may not even think about all the processes that take place to just have that web page or email delivered to us.

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